Forced Physics Conductor

What is the FP Conductor?

The FP Conductor is the building block of FP products. On the outside, the FP Conductor is a very flat and smooth aluminum structure. On the inside, there are thousands of patented structures that transfer heat from its outer surface into an airstream. The FP Conductor measures 20" x 4.25" x 1.50".

FP Conductors have no moving parts but require an external fan or blower to operate. The patented heat transfer structures within the FP Conductor move heat into the airstream as it passes through internal channels. Hot air (e.g. 150°F) is exhausted from the opposite end.

The FP Conductor has many threaded holes along the length of its outer surface to secure electronics. Thermal contact with the mating surfaces provides a heat path from the electronics into the FP Conductor.

How much heat can the FP Conductor remove?

Nominally, 1000 W (12.5 W/in2). For example; a CPU in thermal contact with the FP Conductor will maintain an operating temperature below its junction temperature threshold (e.g. 185°F) even with input air temperatures of 100°F.

What FP products incorporate FP Conductors?

All FP Products use FP Conductors. FP Rows incorporate 256 FP Conductors in a 48 ft structure that is capable of removing 256 kW of heat from electronics in data centers. FP Developer Cabinets have 16 FP Conductors and are used by circuit board designers to test new conduction cooled printed circuit boards for use on FP Rows and FP Vertical Cabinets. FP Test Stations have one FP Conductor that is used to test small form factor conduction cooled electronics.