Innovative Server Cooling

Low Cost. Water Free. Green.

Forced Physics has introduced a revolutionary change in data center server cooling.  Our cost-effective JouleForce Conductor with waterless cooling offers a level of efficiency and environmental friendliness never before possible.  A new standard in Green - no water used for cooling and 90% reduction in cooling power!

Cut your data center costs by over 40%

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JouleForce™ Technology


Forced Physics is manufacturing and selling a new system for cooling data center computers. The system uses patented JouleForce™ technology to transfer heat from computers into the outside air without the use of water or refrigerants. 


Forced Physics makes the cloud cheaper and cleaner


Primary benefits include:

  • 45% reduction in capital cost of data center facilities
  • 96% reduction in cost of power for cooling
  • 50% reduction in cost of servers
  • Higher reliability
  • Significant positive impact on local and global environment
  • No water
This is the breakthrough everyone wanted to find.
This is the future of data centers.
…A powerful, and thus far unexploited, physical principle that will have major implications for the cooling market in the US and the world.