JouleForce Technology



The JouleForceā„¢ Conductor offers the first real change in data center cooling in decades - delivering over 40% cost savings and a green solution with 90% cooling power reduction. 

No water needed

When air is moved through the Conductor, heat is transferred from the surface into an airstream.  With no moving parts, the Conductors only require an external fan or blower to pull air through it.  The Forced Physics Conductor is highly reliable, while delivering cooling effectiveness never before seen in the industry.  

Simple, flexible, and easy installation!


Primary Benefits include:

  • mPUE of 1.02 or lower- in any climate

  • Flexible, Modular, and Simple

  • Significant reduction in costs for Infrastructure and Servers

  • Over 90% savings on power needed for cooling

  • No water or refrigerants




The Forced Physics Rack is a cost-effective mounting system for Conductor-cooled IT equipment. Server enclosures slide onto shelves and snap into place with no tools required. Each Rack can support 72 Conductors and has a nominal cooling power of 72 kW. 





Since the Forced Physics Conductor only needs filtered outside air to operate, it can be deployed at any scale in any location- even a warehouse. Containerized configurations can be placed in the harshest environments with little maintenance required. 

  • Cloud

  • Colocation

  • Edge

  • Enterprise


Our highly automated manufacturing process can meet the demands of even the largest customer.  


Each Conductor is tested, certified and inscribed with manufacturing data before delivery.