FP Conductor

Forced Physics Conductor What is the FP Conductor?

The FP Conductor is the building block of FP products. On the outside, the FP Conductor is a very flat and smooth aluminum structure. On the inside, there are thousands of patented structures that transfer heat from its outer surface into an airstream. The FP Conductor measures 20" x 4.25" x 1.50". FP Conductors have no moving parts but require an external fan or blower to operate.

FP Frame

The FP Frame cools 16 kW of electronics that are placed in thermal contact with its surface. Electronics remain below their thermal threshold with input air temperatures exceeding 100°F.

The FP Frame is a steel structure with 16 FP Conductors. The FP Conductors (horizontal rectangles) are "stacked" one on top of the other to produce a very flat and smooth 20" wide 72" long heat transfer surface.

FP Frames are connected end-to-end to create the 48 foot long heat transfer surfaces on FP Rows. A single, vertically oriented FP Frame is used as the heat transfer surface in the FP Vertical Cabinet and FP Developer Cabinet.

FP Developer Cabinet

What is the FP Developer Cabinet used for?

It's a tool that server designers use as a thermal test-bed for conduction cooled servers in development for deployment on FP Vertical Cabinets and FP Rows.

What does the FP Developer Cabinet include?

FP Vertical Cabinet

What does the FP Vertical Cabinet include?

What is the FP Vertical Cabinet used for?

It's used to house and cool up to 16kW of data center electronics.

Features and benefits of the FP Vertical Cabinet

FP Row

How are FP Rows used?

They are used to house and cool up to 256kW of data center electronics. Horizontal hot air exhaust is ideal for multi-story data centers.

Features and benefits of the FP Row