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Director of ManufacturinG

Darren Kessner

Darren joined Forced Physics in 2017 as Director of Manufacturing. He has almost 30 years of experience developing and automating high-precision equipment and processes for a wide range of customers including industrial, aerospace, and medical. Darren's main focus is to seek out and find the newest technology that will provide customers with the most advanced and efficient solutions.

Darren joined Forced Physics to assist in moving the company from an R&D focus to the commercial market. He views the Forced Physics technology and the FP Conductor as world-changing and is excited to be a driving force introducing the technology to the world.

As Director of Product Development at Serastar Technologies, Corp., Darren improved existing product lines and developed new products based on needs fueled by the ever-changing technological side of battlefield, surveillance, and security management. He also worked as an Application Engineer/Mine Industry Specialist at IEC Supply, LLC, assisting customers with electrical, electronic component, and control selection and design. Prior to that, he spent 23 years as a Systems Control Engineer at Mundt and Associates, Inc. where he co-managed the company that designs and manufactures high precision machines and automation equipment, primarily based on CNC multi-axis lasers. He wore many hats, working on mechanical, electrical, optical, and control design, throughout all the hands-on phases of manufacturing. 

Darren grew up in Montana and joined the US Army Reserve prior to attending college at Montana State University-Northern, graduating with a B.S. in Industrial Technology Education. He earned associate degrees in Metal Technology and Mechanical Technology, as well as a one year certificate in Machining.