Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FP Solution?

Forced Physics is manufacturing and selling a new system for cooling data center computers. The system uses patented technology to transfer heat from computers into the outside air without the use of water or refrigerants.

The primary benefits are:

How does it work?

The FP Conductor is the building block of FP products. On the outside, the FP Conductor is a very flat and smooth aluminum structure. On the inside, there are thousands of patented structures that transfer heat from its outer surface into an airstream. The FP Conductor measures 20" x 4.25" x 1.50". FP Conductors have no moving parts but require an external fan or blower to operate.

How does the FP solution lower facility risk?

The Forced Physics solution uses only air, with no need for facility water, refrigerants or cooling tower water. The simplified cooling cycle lowers facility risk.

How does the FP solution lower maintenance costs?

In conventional servers, service calls are mostly due to server fan failures. Because the Forced Physics solution eliminates fans from servers, those failures and costly preventive maintenance and service calls will be eliminated.

Why is the FP solution more reliable?

The Forced Physics solution replaces complex plumbing and chiller systems with simple conduction cooling of fanless servers. The number of required moving parts is reduced by orders of magnitude.

By reducing power usage for cooling, customers also avoid significant carbon dioxide emissions and water usage associated with generating electrical power. Power usage for cooling drops by 90% and significant environmental benefits are achieved.

How does using the FP solution reduce server costs?

Forced Physics cooling technology offers a new opportunity to reduce the cost of the servers that go into the data center. The factor driving the difference is motherboard power density. Conventional servers used in data centers today have a power density that is limited by the cooling capacity of server fans and heat sinks.

Motherboards used in servers typically support 1-2 watts per square inch of printed circuit board. The Forced Physics heat exchanger can support 12.5 watts per square inch. Motherboard designs can be made with 6 times the compute power per square inch.

Product Questions

What about Customization and Modifications to your products?

FP Frames may be modified, depending on Subscriber needs. FP Row and FP Vertical cabinetry is custom built to accommodate customer power and wiring specifications.

What are normal or acceptable operating conditions for the FP Conductor?

The FP Conductor can operate in any climate provided an adequate industrial blower and filtration is used. The FP Conductor is only designed for use with data center electronics.

Does FP offer a warranty on its products?

There is a warranty available on FP products. Subscribers select their warranty levels on signing.

What are the Developer Cabinet and Test Station used for?

These tools allow subscriber electronics designers to cool and test high power density electronics that are under development for future deployment on FP Rows and FP Vertical Cabinets.

Do I need the FP Developer Cabinet or FP Test Station? Or Both?

The FP Developer cabinet is the most flexible turn-key approach to testing conduction cooled servers. It has the advantage of a large flat heat transfer surface provided by its internal FP Frame. The FP Frame's 72" x 20" heat transfer surface is ideal for testing electronics that are over 4" wide (the width of a single FP Conductor).

The FP Test Station is useful for testing electronics that will be fastened to a single 4" wide FP Conductor.

Dedicated Manufacturing Questions

Why does each subscriber have a dedicated manufacturing facility?

Dedicated manufacturing facilities provide security and the ability to keep subscriber activity private. Dedicated equipment, operators and assemblers ensure on-time delivery and quality production output.

How can the subscriber be certain that they will receive deliverables on time?

By design, FP's manufacturing partners are already at scale to meet the subscription demands of large data center customers. Our manufacturing partners are global providers to industry. Fortunately, FP's manufacturing partners do most of the "heavy lifting" with respect to the actual production.

FP has a small but important piece of the production process that includes manufacture of the outer "shell" of the FP Conductor and its assembly. The reason that we have elected to perform these tasks is quality control of the finished product.

We are an Oracle client and utilize their Cloud Manufacturing and Financial suites to assist us with ERP as well as other operational and business planning and reporting tasks. Subscribers can use our Oracle based Subscriber Portal to monitor, by serial number, their FP products as they progress through production and Quality Assurance.

Another important ingredient is the selection of the proper facility and its layout. The closer that a subscriber can estimate FP product demand, the more effective we will be in the facility selection and layout process.

Once selected, FP will have the Subscriber dedicated manufacturing facility operational within 180 days.

What certifications will the Dedicated Manufacturing Facilities have?

All FP facilities (including Subscriber Dedicated Manufacturing Facilities) will be appropriately ISO certified and compliant, and will be managed in a way that is consistent with ISO objectives.

FP Subscription Questions

What is an Introductory Subscription?

The Introductory Subscription Program facilitates in-house design of high-power-density conduction cooled servers, switches, power supplies and other conduction cooled electronics that will be used in conjunction with FP Conductor technology.

The Program provides Subscribers with an FP Developer Cabinet and four FP Rows that utilize the FP Conductor's 12.5 W/in2 nominal cooling capacity.

What is a Production Subscription?

The Production Subscription Program allocates subscriber access to dedicated manufacturing equipment and dedicated support resources. These dedicated resources help to ensure that subscription deliverables are compliant with subscriber specifications and that subscription deliverables arrive at their destinations on time. It is important that the subscriber controls their subscription. Subscribers utilize a custom subscriber portal to view, in real-time, their subscription deliverables as they move through manufacturing, to quality assurance and on to logistics and shipping. Subscribers can even use their subscriber portal to change their subscription deliverables to quickly adjust to changes in a subscribers' business needs.

We want to perform due diligence prior to signing up for an Introductory Subscription. How do we proceed?

The first step is to be sure that Subscriber engineering personnel are comfortable with the technology. Subscribers are encouraged to send engineers to our Scottsdale facility so that they can become familiar with the FP Developer Cabinet and FP Test Station prior to purchasing a Subscription.

What if I want to cancel my subscription or change the quantities?

You may cancel at any time, with 30 days prior written notice. You may change quantities up or down at any time without penalty.

How will FP meet my subscription needs?

FP's relationships with vendors and manufacturing partners allow us to scale quickly.