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Air can remove heat better than anyone expected.

Forced Physics heat exchangers transfer heat to a stream of air with extraordinary effectiveness, allowing electronics to be efficiently cooled using only un-chilled outside air, even on the hottest days, without using a drop of water.

The enhanced cooling effect is provided by patented structures called Molecular Accelerators that are built into the Server Module, a 40-foot module for cooling servers in data centers.

Filter for Outside Air
Input Duct
Core: Heat Exchangers + IT Equipment
Output Duct
Exhaust to Outside

Features of the Server Module

  • Cools 240 kW of electronic equipment using only un-chilled outside air, even in the hottest climate.
  • Isolates air used for cooling from facility air.
  • Uses no water or any other liquids.
  • Easily supports power density of 480 W/sqft.
  • No server fans to purchase, power, or replace.
  • Massively simplifies facility for increased uptime.
  • Delivers an average cooling PUE of 1.02, even in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Costs less to purchase, less to install, and less to operate than conventional cooling solutions.
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